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Minnesota biking at its finest

Organized and sponsored by the nonprofit Kraus-Anderson Community Foundation, the KA Bike Duluth Festival is a family-oriented biking event held in Duluth, Minnesota at Spirit Mountain’s Chalet location off of Grand Avenue.

Through the festival, the Kraus-Anderson Community Foundation is dedicated to giving back to the community and supporting  Duluth’s outstanding trail system.

COGGS, a nonprofit that works to improve cycling opportunities for Twin Ports residents, and the Gary New Duluth Development Alliance (GNDDA), a non-profit organization was created to revitalize and transform the GND Recreation Area near the St. Louis River Corridor in Duluth, Minnesota, both are integral partners in the  KA Bike Duluth Festival.

Why we ride

Duluth is a bike rider’s playground, with more than 85 miles of urban mountain bike trails and endless opportunities for road bikers. With plans for the Duluth Traverse, a 100-mile, city-spanning trail system, Duluth is poised to become a national mountain biking destination. As a matter of fact, Duluth just earned Gold Level status in biking, one of six places in the world!

The KA Bike Duluth Festival highlights these trails and the abundant open-air opportunities Duluth has to offer. Better yet, the profits benefit community organizations, including COGGS and the Gary New Duluth Development Alliance (GNDDA).