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2021 Silent Auction is LIVE! Click HERE to check out all the amazing items!

Silent Auction is always a hit; with items for every type of rider and multiple non-bike items as well; you’re sure to find something you must have!

Placing bids for the Bike Duluth Festival Silent Auction will be done through ClickBid. Be sure to check out our variety of items as they become available. 

*Clickbid is an online auction to help bidders gain access to all the amazing silent auction items available.

*Silent Auction is available NOW through the festival, closing at 6PM Saturday, August 7, 2021.

*In person bidding is not required but item pick up is required by 3PM Sunday, August 8, 2021 at Spirit Mountain’s Grand Avenue Chalet.

Please Remember –

All of your silent auction purchases help support our local organizations: COGGS and Harbortown Rotary of Duluth!


There will be no 2021 Raffle due to planning and donation restraints with COVID-19.